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Ok, so this is me in front of a mountain in Antarctica. Actually, I took the picture of the mountain (yes in Antarctica) and Photoshopped me into the picture. Take that Ray!

Country:United States
City/town:Westmont, IL
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Courses:Upsilon Pi Epsilon, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Prometheon, 70-250-1 File Systems and Digital Forensics, 70-350-1 Operating Systems, 70-420-1 Computer Security, 70-480-1 Communications and Networking - Section 1, 70-480-2 Communications and Networking - Section 2, 13-310-1 Discrete Mathematics, 13-350-1 Numerical Analysis, 13-425-1 Mathematical Modeling, 13-430-1 Complex Analysis, 13-440-1 Abstract Algebra I, 13-441-1 Abstract Algebra II, 68-560-1 Securing Windows
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